Company profile

WUZHU Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Wuzhou Circuit Group Co., Ltd., is a restructuring of the proposed domestic listed companies, was established in 1993, is specialized in printed circuit board research and development, production and sales of national high-tech enterprises. Companies with its strong manufacturing scale, modern management system and one-stop, multi-species business features become China's leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards. Group now has Meizhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan three manufacturing bases, six PCB Division and a SMT Division, more than 6,000 employees, the production of fast prototype, precision double-sided high-plywood (2-30 layers) , The system board, HDI high-density interconnect board, ELIC arbitrary layer interconnection board, soft board, hard and soft board, thick copper board, power board, high frequency board, high frequency mixed board, RF board, microwave board, Copper-based, aluminum-based), special boards (buried copper blocks, extra-long board), buried buried resistance board, package carrier board, with an annual capacity of 50 million square feet. Products are widely used in networking and communications infrastructure, servers, computers and storage, touch screen tablets, smartphones, wearable electronics, high-end consumer electronics, artificial intelligence hardware, industrial & commercial instrumentation, energy, medical, automotive, aerospace Aerospace and defense and other fields.


WUZHU science and technology shares of products covering a comprehensive, focused on providing customers with one-stop service to the most competitive cost-effective to meet the highest technical requirements of customers, quality standards, rapid delivery of demand to help customers minimize product time to market To enhance its competitive position in the industry, focusing on customer needs and challenges, the most trusted customers of the printed circuit board partners, continue to create the most value for customers!