Social responsibility

WUZHU committed to creating value for the community, establish and maintain a good image of integrity and law-abiding, pay taxes in accordance with the law, take the initiative to assume responsibility for the natural environment, society and economic development, protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees in accordance with the law and continuously improve the customer Service level, and actively maintain national unity and social stability, support and sponsor of social welfare undertakings, the pursuit of common progress and development of companies and customers, employees and the community.


First, staff care
        The company sticks to the people-oriented principle, pays attention to staff training, teaches and protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees. The establishment of "five branches", "unions" and "branch" continuously improves staff welfare and earnestly protects the rights and interests of employees. At the same time, The reform of the mechanism provided a platform for all families in each of the five groups to live and work in peace and contentment and provide employees with a broader space for development. Each employee was regarded as a valuable asset for the development of the company and allowed to make the company happy, happy and proactive. Continue to go beyond the full protection of their rights to work, the right to upgrade skills, and achieve win-win development between employees and the company.