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Number : 5 | Education: Bachelor degree or above | Location: Dongguan | Release time: November 23, 2019
Description of position:

Job Responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for the daily affairs management of the after-sales service team, guide the work and personnel deployment of the Department, and assess and approve the staff;
2. Be responsible for formulating incentive policies, encouraging the enthusiasm of after-sales personnel, training the good service concept of customer first for after-sales personnel, and reducing the rate of customer complaints;
3. Be responsible for formulating monthly, quarterly and annual work plans and medium and long-term plans for after-sales service, organizing the implementation and implementation;
4. Be responsible for formulating after-sales service emergency plan and handling major customer complaints;
5. Ensure the smooth communication between after-sales service and R & D, timely feedback the product problems in the after-sales, improve the product quality and improve customer satisfaction;
6. Be responsible for building an efficient, dedicated, coordinated and combat efficient after-sales team.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in science and engineering;
2. More than 5 years of after-sales team management experience, master the core technology of automation equipment, be able to speak English, and have working experience in a foreign company is preferred;
3. Have the management and operation experience of more than 10 after-sales teams and the management experience of large-scale industrial equipment after-sales teams,
4. Very familiar with after-sales service system architecture and construction, and can customize complete after-sales service policies and schemes for customers;
5. Excellent communication and expression ability, strong sense of responsibility, excellent customer service concept, and be able to adapt to travel work;
6. Meticulous and practical work, objective, rigorous and responsible work, dedication, integrity, good professional ethics and professionalism.





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