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TThree years for sword, The right time for 5G

Wuzhu technology and Zhihao technology have been trying to expand their production since they started their business. On average, they have one small factory in three years and one large factory in five years. They have been busy all the way, but they also enjoy it. Wuzhu people, Zhihao people have been very hard and strong, mobile phone communication in the field of fame, awesome customer recognition and market acclaim. In recent years, the labor cost has soared, the production equipment has been upgraded and improved continuously, many circuit board peers have arranged automatic and intelligent production systems, and many new factories have changed the traditional manual production mode. From single equipment upgrading, improvement, transformation to whole plant process optimization, to effective quality traceability, logistics unmanned, circuit board industry has quietly transformed into a technology intensive and capital intensive industry with less and less human cost. The original management experts and technical experts suddenly find that their work has been replaced by intelligence; technical workers and workers suddenly find that they don't need to pay very hard physical labor. The progress of science and technology and the development of society have reduced the dependence of production on human beings, liberated human physical strength, and enabled more people to transfer their wisdom, energy and physical strength to more important work and make greater inventions and creations.

Today's society, I personally believe that under the leadership of the great Communist Party of China, China has realized the Communist material civilization. With the launch and promotion of 5g communication technology, we ushered in the information age and scientific spring. All factories and all walks of life will set off 5g industrial revolution. The era of information, automation and intelligence has arrived. In this era of high-speed development, we are the happiest people, both sharers and contributors. We provide the indispensable electronic mother circuit board for the information age. Our products are widely used in the mobile phone industry and other information network terminal products. Our pride is that we make an important contribution to the information society, the development of national enterprises and social progress Contribution.

Looking back on 2019, which just passed, is the third year for Zhihao to fight. The Group invested nearly three billion yuan to build an advanced industry automation and intelligent chemical plant in Longnan, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, which can mass produce 5g system circuit board and any connected HDI mobile phone board. At present, the country promotes 5g information industry and arranges 5g strategy. All mobile phones and network products are about to usher in the climax of upgrading. As the mother of electronics, circuit board has a very large market demand and HDI production capacity is seriously insufficient. The group company integrates human, material and financial resources. It has been fighting for three years in Longnan, Jiangxi Province. It has built the most advanced, super large automation and intelligent chemical plant & mdash; Zhihao, Jiangxi Province. Now it has been put into production. When it comes to this great opportunity, it is: three years to sharpen a sword, 5g at that time! In 2020, we will surely achieve better performance in the good situation of 5g product popularization. We hope that the five people and Zhihao people will not forget their original mind and mission in the new year, carry forward the five spirit and Zhihao spirit; we will be grateful to work hard and take responsibility to create five brilliance. Happiness is the struggle out! For the development of the company, for its own growth, let's work together in 2020 to achieve better results.

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