Five plants in Dongguan launch fire drill

Five plants in Dongguan launch fire drill

2019-10-30 17:33

In order to enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees of the company, master the ability of self-rescue and mutual rescue, and cultivate employees' emergency response capabilities; at the same time, test the company's ability to organize, coordinate and command in emergency situations, and review the company's suitability and effectiveness of emergency plans To ensure that our emergency plan connects with relevant government departments and emergency rescue units, and meets the requirements of regulations and related parties. On the evening of September 26, under the guidance of Chairman Cai and the organization of the Dongguan Regional Administration Center, the company launched Fire drill. Cadres and employees of high-level, HDI, FPC, Haoyuan, Weiligu, mold factory and auxiliary departments participated in this fire drill.

At the beginning of the exercise, the simulated workshop "fired", and the "fire point" employees immediately reported to the duty room. After receiving the report, the communication security team quickly activated the fire alarm and activated the fire broadcast to notify the entire plant personnel to evacuate. Immediately after the alarm bell rang, all departments organized personnel evacuation. After receiving the company's alarm message, the 119 Command Center of the Shijie Fire Brigade immediately dispatched 4 water tankers, a 52-meter-high cloud ladder car, a command vehicle, and 23 commanding officers to the scene for rescue.

In order to ensure the smooth passage of rescue channels and ensure the safety of employees, the evacuation alert team guided employees to orderly evacuate and maintain order at the assembly point. The logistics support team simulates shutting down the power supply, central air conditioning, ventilation ducts and other facilities, and prepares emergency supplies. After the rescue team wore a fire-fighting suit, they brought fire-fighting equipment into the "fire point" scene to simulate the initial fire fighting. The scene also simulated that an employee was trapped and was safely transferred to the assembly point under the search and rescue of the rescue team. The medical rescue team also simulated emergency treatments such as bandaging and hemostasis for the wounded.

With the order of the commander of the Shijie Fire Brigade, all water guns and related fire fighting equipment were dispatched. After intense and orderly rescue, the fire was successfully extinguished with the joint efforts of all fire commanders and combatants. Subsequently, the firefighters evacuated the scene in an orderly and rapid manner, gathered in front of the headquarters, and successfully completed the fire drill. The whole process was carried out in an intensive and orderly manner, and a systematic, comprehensive, and standardized fire drill was exercised for all cadres and employees, so that all cadres and employees can master how to choose the correct and safe escape route and escape method, and further test the company's obligations. The ability of a fire brigade to respond to an emergency fire incident.

After the cadres and employees were assembled and lined up, the group security director Jiang Shangguo called on all factories and departments to strictly implement safety training, and required employees to know the direction of the department's escape routes, the location of fire equipment and use methods, and have the skills to extinguish initial fire And evacuation capabilities. The Director of Security of the Ministry of Administration Zeng Linming emphasized the importance of participating in safety training and measures to prevent fires, ways to extinguish the initial fires, and techniques for self-rescue and mutual rescue.

After the exercise was successfully completed, all departments were obliged to provide firefighters, production line team leaders, supervisors and other on-site management personnel to conduct firefighting practical training, experience the firefighting process in person, and strengthen the use of firefighting equipment.

It is hoped that all cadres and employees can gain from the fire drills organized by the company, pay attention to daily fire hazards, adhere to the "safety first, prevention first" policy, comprehensively improve fire awareness, avoid fire accidents, and ensure The company's property safety and personnel's life safety, reduce the losses caused by accidents to the company, safeguard the company's interests, and do a good job in safety work!





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