Five flag-raising ceremony held in three major regions, outstanding Chinese! Make excellent five people!


Under the plan of the Group Director Office, the Enterprise Propaganda Department, the regional administrative departments, the human resources department and the enterprises announced by the enterprises, the five groups held the flag-raising ceremony in all regions. On the morning of October 9, the autumn weather was so refreshing that the bearers made preparations for raising their flags early in the administration building. They were vigilant and full of energy. At 7:20, a total of nearly 1,000 cadres and staff representatives from all cadres, factory and workshop clerks and auxiliary departments of the three major regions in the three major regions with solid and mighty power plants gathered in the regional flag raising venues.

At 7:30, the national anthems were played simultaneously in the three major regions of the five groups. All the staff sing the national anthem together and impassioned them. Accompanied by a solemn flag slowly rise, five people passionate spirit of the most vividly demonstrated. Afterwards, Wuzhengqi was flying in the song of "Five Songs", cadres and staff sing "Five Songs", "High quality and efficiency, unity and dedication, "Take the initiative to think, take the initiative to manage, take the initiative to improve, automatic operation, the three main one see the action!" Every word, sonorous and powerful, singers are all emotions, proud!

After the flag-raising ceremony, Cai Zhihao made important speeches for the five cadres and staff members: "There is no room for a nation to survive without its parents and there is no room for a nation to live without a country." The stability and prosperity of the Chinese mainland is due to the strong Chairman Mao Zedong Stood up China, Deng Xiaoping, Chief Designer of the Reform and Opening Up Letting the Chinese people get rich, Chairman Xi Jinping made the Chinese nation stronger, and the great people generation after generation so that the Chinese nation could get away from the bonfire and survive in the world. Now wealthy and powerful, from all generations of Chinese struggle. "

"I do not dare to compare with great people, many people are more capable than I, but history gave me the opportunity to set up five groups, I deeply feel my own lack of ability .I have a fiery heart, a strong strong enterprises Dream.I hope we five people want to be excellent Chinese, in the industry to become excellent five people.Five in the circuit board industry, I am an adventurer, dare to invest to try to accept the market, the industry's challenge , Opened a factory after another, took everyone forward, many excellent five people can follow my pace to move forward, enhance themselves and change the past.

"Here, I urge everyone, as a member of five individuals to be strong, the company can be strong. Personal power is the honor of the team, the honor of the nation, the honor of the country. In future work, we have to agree with the country, agree Nationality, identity business, identity boss, identity boss, identity team, identity colleagues, identity staff.We are a whole, five strong need the strength of the entire team.We raise the flag, sing the national flag, raise five flags, sing " Five Songs ", to enhance staff recognition of the country, the company's identity, enhance their sense of responsibility for their work, a sense of mission.

On October 9, the first flag-raising ceremony of Five Group was successfully completed. On this day, in the songs of the national anthem and the song of "Five Songs", in the fluttering of the national flag and the five national flags, we feel that our country and our nation have been gradually prosperous and prosperous once we get rid of the hardships and difficulties of the past. Five people will always be strong and singing for the country, fighting for the growth of five, to live and work hard!

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