Meizhou City Party Secretary came to Meizhou Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out environmental research work


On the afternoon of September 5, Comrade Tan Juntie, secretary of Meizhou Municipal Committee, Zhu Guocheng, secretary of Meijiang District Party Committee, Xiao Weihua, mayor of the Meizhou District, and Wang Zengwen, member of the standing committee of the district government, visited Meizhou Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for their research work. Chairman Cai Zhihao warmly received the Party Secretary Tan Jun Tien and his entourage, accompanied by leaders to visit the production plant automation equipment, and demonstrated a high multi-layer, HDI, FPC and other circuit boards. Subsequently, Cai, chairman and government researchers to discuss and report the company to deal with environmental issues.

At the meeting, Chairman Cai said that at present, the leaders of Meizhou City Government and Meijiang District Government attach importance to the economic development plan of Meizhou and have better development and planning policies for industry, especially industrial parks. As a native of Meizhou, he was very excited and willing to make contributions to the economic development of his hometown. He paid close attention to the economic policies of the local government of Meizhou and actively responded to the cooperation. He upholds the management concept of legal management and safe operation, and makes the enterprise bigger and stronger , Service hometown. Chairman Cai will transfer the large projects originally planned to invest in industrial parks of other provinces and cities to Meizhou. The project mainly produces one of the raw materials for circuit boards, such as copper clad laminates, which are made of resin, copper foil and other materials, , The entire production system is almost zero pollution, the project output value will reach nearly 20 billion, is a good project with high technology content. If this project settled in Meizhou, Meizhou economic development industry will be filled with illusion. Chairman Cai hopes that through the settlement of these major projects, we will promote our hometown Meizhou and promote the economic development of our hometown while promoting our business.

Meizhou government previously defined the circuit board industry as a polluting industry and Chairman Cai's correction of the misconception that "the circuit board industry is polluted". A long time ago, the circuit board industry did not exist in the country when the regulation of pollution, but now with the development of science and technology and the sound legal system, businesses in the sewage, exhaust emissions can be achieved. Five major production bases have hired a professional company to do sewage, exhaust emissions compliance, and strive to be environmentally friendly, so that local government no worries.

Cai Chai, director of environmental issues for his hometown counsel, said the government should include Meizhou Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Dongsheng Industrial Park, enterprises to increase environmental supervision. For small factories with regulatory loopholes in the industrial park periphery, if centralized management in the industrial park, all the sewage pipes connected to the professional treatment plant for processing will effectively prevent the small plant from handling the risk of non-standardization. Doing a good job in environmental protection while promoting economic development is indeed an important measure to create a charming Meizhou for the benefit of the people of Meizhou.

At the research conference, Chairman Cai Zhihao also emphasized that his visit was entrusted by president Yu Meiguang of Meixian Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen. Under the leadership of the chairman of the assembly, Guoxian Gui, the entrepreneur of Meixian Township, Shenzhen would fully support the investment and development of Dongsheng Industrial Park Support home construction. Chairman Cai wants the local government to carry out resource integration and internal deployment under the premise of the total amount of internal control and the bottom line of legal emission, so that the industry will be more standardized and Dongsheng Industrial Park will be built into a first-class electronic industrial park in China. Five will also take the lead through the powerful corporate influence, take the lead in the electronics industry, promote the cluster development and green development of industrial clusters, standardize the industry, make the internal security safer, effectively evade the illegal operation of small enterprises, enhance the image of the industrial parks abroad, Attract more entrepreneurs to join the investment. Cai Chai, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Meixian, Shenzhen, entrepreneurs in the hometown of Meizhou big deal, refueling his sleeve dry, contributing to the economic development of Meizhou, to achieve the development of a beautiful and win-win!

Cai's report by the chairman was unanimously approved by the leaders present, and the government leaders said they would consider the proposal of Chairman Cai to study the allocation of the total amount, unify the management and control of the industrial park, increase the efforts to serve the leading enterprises, and also hope that through the enterprises Its own constraints, the management of trade associations and government regulation, so that industrial park development and growth. Government leaders hope to mobilize more entrepreneurs to develop in the industrial park under the leadership of Chairman Cai and also thank Chairman Cai for their contribution to their hometown. In the future, they will also greatly support Zhihao's business development in Dongsheng Industrial Park. Strain and become the nationwide circuit board leading enterprises.

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