Jiangxi Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Project Capped cum Jiangxi Intelligent Power Equipment Co., Ltd. started the groundbreaking ceremony was held in Longnan Economic Development Zone


On the morning of July 28, 2017, the sun shines brightly and the moistening Jiao Yang applies a gorgeous color to the sky. All things are covered with a golden yellow color. In this summer sun and summer heat, Jiangxi Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. project capped and Jiangxi Power Solid Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. commenced the launching ceremony in full swing. Longnan Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee secretary, county party secretary Miao Lanying, county party committee secretary Liu Wenjie, county people's Congress Zeng Mingjian, Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee, CMC Zou Dayong, deputy director of County People's Congress Yexue Ping, five technology shares director Long Cai Zhihao, General Manager of Jiangxi Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Victor, Chairman of Jiangxi Youxinpu Technology Co., Ltd. Chen Wenyuan, Chairman of Meizhou Huasheng Circuit Board Co., Ltd. Ye Jun and Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Department responsible comrades attended the event.

Jiangxi Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Longnan County, Jiangxi Province Longnan Industrial Park. Longnan County is located in the southernmost tip of Jiangxi Province, east of Dingnan, south of Guangdong peace, with even. Traffic artery such as Guangdong-Jiangxi Expressway, Daguangao Expressway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, 105 State Road and the construction of the Jiangxi-Shenzhen-Shenzhen high-speed railway converge here to form a transportation network extending in all directions. Longnan County has a simple folk customs, a good law and order situation, a large agricultural population, rich labor resources and convenient employment of project workers.

Jiangxi Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is invested by Shenzhen Wuzhuo Technology Co., Ltd. The main production and operation scope is IC carrier, soft board and other circuit board production projects. The project invested 3 billion yuan, of which 2.2 billion yuan investment in fixed assets, about 575 acres of land, built plant area of ​​350,000 square meters, construction in two phases, a start in January this year, to be built covers an area of ​​600 meters long, 70 meters wide modern plant three, when completed will become the city and the province's largest single building area of ​​the plant. The Company will transfer the three factories in Meizhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan as a whole to Longnan and set up a headquarters in Longnan. After the production reaches the standard, the annual output value will reach over 2.5 billion yuan and the annual tax will be over 50 million yuan. After the completion of the project, it will speed up the construction of science and technology city of electronic information industry in Ganzhou and enhance the cluster effect of electronic information industry, injecting a strong impetus into the strategy of "focusing on industry and doubling it in three years" in Longnan.

On the ceremony, Chairman Cai, on behalf of the Company, welcomed the leaders and guests who attended the ceremony and expressed their heart-felt gratitude to all the leaders and friends from all walks of life for their efforts and support for the successful completion of the project. They also delivered important speeches. Chairman Cai said: "From April last year, the contact with the Dragon South, the same year in November the successful signing, and started construction in January of this year to a smooth cap, that is, Jiangxi Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. project started construction this year It took only seven months to reach a successful cap and a major project could take root and start to germinate in a short period of time. This is not easy! The project landed and the leaders and departments at various levels of the Longnan persevered, as always, in the spring This is not easy! These are not easy for us to see the determination of Longnan District to promote the rapid rise of industry, more firm confidence in the investment Longnan. "Five will be the current Ceremony as an opportunity for the main objective of "main industry in Longnan, doubling in three years" in Longnan, speed up the pace of project construction, contribute early benefits to the early operation and contribute modestly to the economic development in Longnan.

In addition, three government leaders in Longnan County made speeches.

Miao District, the party working committee secretary and county party secretary Miao Lanying: today the sky and our mood as the blue sky, the sun seems like a fire, a symbol of business development flourishing here. Our people here witnessed the development of the industrial park and witnessed the strength and speed of Chairman Cai. In just seven months, it completed the construction of 250,000 square meters. The establishment of Chairman Cai's project not only created history here, but also brought many large projects to Longnan, thanks to it for contributing to the construction of Longnan.

Liu Wenjie, deputy secretary of the county: Zhihao Electronics is a major industry in Longnan, to create the first key project of electronic information industry. Since the project was signed on November 9 last year, the project started in January this year. Today it has reached a cap of 250,000 square meters. It took less than 7 months to recreate Longnan Speed ​​and Longnan Spirit. It is thanks to the provincial and municipal leaders at all levels, especially Miu Shuji personally promoted, Chairman Cai and efficient management of enterprises, as well as functional departments and responsible units of meticulous service, only the smooth landing of the project, the rapid advance.

Zhong Chuanshan, director of the office: At present, including the two plants, two dormitory buildings and an office building, including 250,000 square meters of the main project is about to cap. Since the start of the project, districts and counties linked to the leading point of command, personally dispatched, personally deployed, service cadres to follow-up every day, the implementation of "one day a report, three days a scheduling, seven days a summary." The project construction unit worked overtime to overcome unfavorable factors such as the rainy weather in the first half of the year and completed the construction of the main project with high standards, high requirements and high speed. Strive and work hard to lay excellent performance, struggle and sweat achievements of the brilliant career. Today, Zhihao electron successfully capped the main project, the correct leadership of the county government and the joint efforts of all parties, the project will be able to speed up the construction, more efficient and complete.

Wang Fuhong, director of the Party Committee Office of Longnan County, said in an interview that Jiangxi Zhihao Electronics Co., Ltd. is an electronic information industry enterprise strongly supported by Jiangxi Province and is the first industry in Longnan Economic and Technological Development Zone. It vigorously promoted local economic development and the entire Longnan The rapid development of electronic information industry. Tang Zhiqiang, director of Jiangxi Zhihao Construction and Development Office, said that the construction of Jiangxi Zhihao interior decoration is expected to be completed by April 2018 and officially put into operation in April.

Jiangxi Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. project landed and successfully capped, so Chairman Cai saw Longnan counties to promote the rapid rise of industry's determination, more determined to invest Longnan confidence. The investment in Longnan 500 million yuan to establish Jiangxi Power Solid Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is the best proof. Jiangxi Power Solid Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in the production and operation of the electronics industry for the development of automated equipment, manufacturing and sales. Of which 280 million yuan in fixed assets investment, the project site 55 acres, in two phases in place. After the project is fully put into operation, the annual output value will reach over 200 million yuan and the tax payment will be over 10 million yuan.

At the end of the ceremony, the scene of guns congratulations, such as star red dot flashing, burst out brilliant sparks. People clutching their ears, have to avoid but can not stop the smile on his face, excitement concealment. In celebration and delight, Jiangxi Zhihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. project capped the ceremony ended successfully. The successful completion of this cap is not only a proof of the strength of the five groups, but also demonstrates the hard work of Chairman Cai Chai's leadership, leadership, and management of Jiangxi Zhihao and establishment of its staff. Capped, is a phased victory, I believe Jiangxi Zhi-ho in five people's joint efforts, we can continue to greet a new victory!

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