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▶Competitive advantage

1. Company with advanced technology, excellent quality, excellent service to provide customers with full-service, with a number of internationally renowned companies to establish long-term, stable and strategic cooperative relations.

2. Won the world's top 500 customers approved.

▶ R & D strength

1. Hundreds of professional R & D engineering team with more than 10 years of PCB experience, to provide you with high reliability, high stability of products and technical services.

2. 175 national invention patents (53 authorized), 221 utility model patents (188 authorized), 10 software copyright and other technical achievements have been transformed into productivity, effectively optimize the quality and efficiency of product production.

3. To provincial technology center as a technology development and technical service platform, won the national high-tech enterprises that have a number of high-tech products that.

Because of focus, so professional. 25 years focused on printed circuit board research and development and manufacturing.

5. Through the TL9000 telecommunications industry quality management system certification.

▶ Process Technology

1. Has more than 15 years of high-precision double-sided, high multi-layer printed circuit boards, large-size backplane, high aspect ratio circuit board research and development and manufacturing experience.

2. Familiar with the importance of signal integrity and impedance control requirements, with proven network control and process expertise in networking and communications, including hybrid materials structures, backdrilling and cavity design solutions.

3. Have a mature hybrid laminating process, specializing in the manufacture of FR-4 and PTFE / ceramic filled high-frequency materials such as hybrid laminates to meet the high-frequency performance of the premise for the customer to save overall costs.

4. With years of high-precision back-drilling technology to meet the integrity of the product signal transmission design requirements.

▶ top production equipment

1. Laser Direct Imaging Exposure Machine (LDI): Achieves industry-leading technology with a minimum line width / line spacing of 40UM for pattern transfer of high-precision, high-density products.

2. Laser Drilling (Laser Drilling): to meet the minimum aperture of 0.05MM, for the realization of microporous processing.

▶ advanced detection equipment

1. Automatic Optical Inspection Machine (AOI): Automatic Optical Inspection Machine (AOI) for fine line inspection.

2. High-precision impedance tester: meet the product impedance test requirements.

▶ Service Features

2 hours fast customer service response

4 hours quick quotation support

7 * 24-hour rapid technical support, order service, production and operation, logistics support, rush order delivery

▶ Product display