R&D Center

Has always been focusing on carrying out in-depth technical cooperation with its customers. Since 2005, R & D centers in various business divisions have been set up to specialize in the development of new products, new materials, new technologies and new equipment, the implementation of technical management and patent management.

R & D strengths among the forefront of domestic counterparts, since its establishment has achieved fruitful results, so far filed a total of 175 national invention patents, of which 53 have been authorized; a total of 221 utility model patents, of which 188 have been authorized.

10 software copyrights and other technical achievements have been transformed into productivity, effectively optimize product quality and efficiency.

All R & D staff in each division of Wulian Group are veterans of the PCB industry, some of whom have extensive experience in international enterprise technology management, rich manufacturing management experience, and design, manufacture and assembly of high-reliability electronic components and systems.